CopperheadI love snakes.  My dad hates them!  If he ever sees a snake, it really scares him . . . even if it’s just on TV or in a picture like this.

He told me a story one time . . . he said, when he was a kid, he was playing in the backyard on the swingset.  He looked over and saw a snake coming up out of ground.  He thought it was chasing him, so he took off running to go inside.  He got to his house and every door was locked and he couldn’t get inside (his dad was on the phone).  He thought for sure that the snake was going to get him before he could get inside.  Maybe that’s why he’s so afraid of them!

I think that they’re the coolest animals on land.  But, you better watch out for this type of snake in your landscape . . . if he bites you, you’re in trouble.  This is a copperhead and he is Extremely Venomous!  Did you know that these types of snakes usually have 7 babies at a time.  I hope you don’t have a mommy in your backyard!

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