New Drone

Hello!  Long time, no write.  I apologize for that and hope to be more regular on here soon.  I’ve just been very busy.

I wanted to write to tell you that I just got a new Promark VR drone and will be reviewing it soon.  So, stay tuned and I’ll have the review video uploaded soon!


Can Minecraft be More than Just a Hobby?

It is a pretty common experience for parents; their children, immersed in their Minecraft universe, lose entire days to the game. This is especially true over school breaks.

For those who love Minecraft, it is less of a hobby and more of an obsession. It is a game that has captured the imagination of gamers both young and old. But for parents, it can seem to be a bit of a problem.

But it doesn’t have to be. Compared to most other gaming option, Minecraft is actually rather educational, encouraging players to learn more about concepts in physics, chemistry, and even computer programming. And there are many ways you can build on an interest in Minecraft to give your child incredible educational opportunities, including camps for Minecraft in Chicago from Digital Media Academy.

Okay, you are probably picturing a bunch of kids lounging on beanbags in a dark room, their faces illuminated by their screens; no one is interacting with other humans, just their devices. Well, wipe that image from your brain, because Digital Media Academy only offers camps that are highly interactive and engaging.

In their camps for Minecraft in Chicago, children work collaboratively with other kids as well as computer programming professionals to learn skills that can be applied to their game, but also to real-life scenarios. The passive act of video game playing becomes an interactive STEM experience that will be with your child for years to come. Here are just a few of the camps Digital Media Academy offers.

Jr. Adventures in 3D Game Design with Minecraft, Ages 6-8

Even the youngest gamers can learn how to build on their Minecraft game. This camp introduces young children to game design concepts using methods that are exciting to them while remaining accessible. The focus is on creativity and storytelling in addition to programming, making this a true STEAM class.

Minecraft Game Design and Plugin Development, Ages 10-12

Digital Media Academy recommends that children who take this class have some game design and programming experience; luckily, most Minecraft gamers meet this prerequisite easily. During this camp, children will learn about the game development process and learn how to design games that target specific audiences.

Minecraft Modding with Java Programming and Forge, Ages 12-17

Also a camp best for those with some experience, students in this camp will create items and blocks and modify the textures of weapons and tools. Each child will create custom code in Java and learn the basics of variables and other functions in computer programming. At the end of this one-week camp, your child will be able to full customize his or her Minecraft universe, including building a house with a new roof.

Today, the Minecraft game has taken over the whole internet and game world because; it was made with so many ideas that helps the player to open his or her thinking gears and how to find out exactly what is going to happen which also means it is fun. Although the game comes with its own designs and colors for settings, when you play Minecraft; you can decide to change all that to suit your own color and design preference which is great to start with.

Also, there are Minecraft mods that are available to help you to make your own changes to the main game to make it better for you to play. Due to the fact that the Minecraft game comes with so many benefits like teaching marketers how to be great marketers, teaching business men and women how to strategize, etc; they can be played both offline and online. Minecraft is very easy to play because; it is very easy to understand the tricks that it involves.

If you love to be the master of your own boat, it will be best to make sure Minecraft is your friend and also make sure you play it very well. There are so many people that are interested in playing Minecraft today but do not know how to go about it.

Hot Wheels!

Blazing metal cars speeding over the carpet and generally he makes it descend the stair railings. Boy kids, they typically do that. Moreover, since the time they begin growing, all the metal cars conjointly become a collection. Hot wheels collections and hot wheels games are a favorite hobby of the many grownups still wanting to capture memories of childhood. And nothing else is required than the cars which are classic as legendary real cars.

Some begin collecting it seriously as a kid others began in high school, regardless of the age; the cars eventually find their way to closet. Hot wheels gained the licenses to manufacture cars according style of the particular real cars. Several automobile manufactures gave hot wheels actual blue prints to develop the metal cars. Therefore, series created on actual automobile models are offered with hot wheels. Collectors particularly like the restricted editions unrolled sometimes.

It conjointly provides them a social platform and status. Several editions of cars have been unrolled since the year 1968. Camaros and Mustangs are some of the custom cars the toy maker released that year. Since then once a year cars are rolled out, sometimes-special cars skip its second or third editions solely to arouse the curiosity of collectors. Then with elegance, the same edition breaks in and makes it on to the closet of the collector.

Hot wheels cars are vastly offered within the market; but specific editions of an automobile might not be promptly offered with a merchandiser. During this case, a collector’s effort may be vastly useful where he may recommend or exchange specific models. The web communities and social pages on facebook or other networking sites may facilitate. Moreover, a collector will inspire new hopes in beginners and may jointly facilitate to assemble new cars and limited editions.

The internet facilitates shopping for new toy cars from retailers and merchants. There are varied retailers selling hot wheels stuff however the luxury of obtaining a limited edition will still be a problem on the web. The answer lies with reputed on-line vendors and primarily the assistance may come from a zealous guy and his closet of collections.
There are thousands of good toy cars offered within the market however, the one, that actually captures your sight, is rebelliously the charming and colorful metal cars.

Hot wheels games with the cars are asked by kids who like to play racing games.
Collections are treasure things and the odysseys to collect such things are splendid with a little fun and hassle experienced in collecting the stuff, the metal cars are similar to collecting postal stamps, coins and even the GI goe figures. With genesis of cars and their toy models it’ll create future racers and action youngsters often struck to roads than on beds. Moreover, behind the concept of collectors stuff, things are deep; he becomes socially busy advising individuals on automobile outcomes and well-meaning races. The network he casts spreads to capture several others and spells the vast magic of the metal cars.
We all want the best for our small children, and part of that includes selecting educational toys and games for small children that will help place our youngsters on the proper developmental routes and prepare them for additional exploratory learning in preschool along with kindergarten. Truly appreciate the worthiness of uncomplicated stimulus: Matchbox cars, wooden parts, constructing things, etc. Begin looking today for the games, puzzles, and activities intended to engage your girl or boy in all the best ways!


CopperheadI love snakes.  My dad hates them!  If he ever sees a snake, it really scares him . . . even if it’s just on TV or in a picture like this.

He told me a story one time . . . he said, when he was a kid, he was playing in the backyard on the swingset.  He looked over and saw a snake coming up out of ground.  He thought it was chasing him, so he took off running to go inside.  He got to his house and every door was locked and he couldn’t get inside (his dad was on the phone).  He thought for sure that the snake was going to get him before he could get inside.  Maybe that’s why he’s so afraid of them!

I think that they’re the coolest animals on land.  But, you better watch out for this type of snake in your landscape . . . if he bites you, you’re in trouble.  This is a copperhead and he is Extremely Venomous!  Did you know that these types of snakes usually have 7 babies at a time.  I hope you don’t have a mommy in your backyard!